Spotlight Sessions

  • Joe Murphy
  • Steve Kossakoski
  • Amy Moskwa
  • Andy Littlefield
  • Hopkinton Middle High School

Joe Murphy

Library Directions & Futures Consultant

joe murphy

Emerging Futures AKA Reasons To Be Excited

A scan of likely futures reveals the potential for an emerging "fun era" for educators. Come feel the challenges and see the hope. Joe discusses alternative and very likely future scenarios and their benefits, as well as hints at where we can collectively apply the pressure to get to where we need to be in order to provide the best our centers can offer. Explore a few likely futures and some wild cards that should scare as well as excite. These emerging futures are not the stuff of fantasy, nor are they techno utopian dreams. They are informed by careful hindsight, broad contemporary insight, and methods based foresight with input from your peers, statistics, and even from Joe's experience as a librarian. Piece together education trends, larger shifting economic realities, cultural shifts resulting from technology changes, budget pressures, and signals from the global to the local. Know what to prepare for and discover the help available to get there together. Together is a key word not to be overlooked nor a platitude to be glossed over. Prepare is a central concept – we know working for the best future takes collective effort, and we do not want to waste an ounce of our time or effort. Leave knowing that the hour spent together will pay off in familiarity with your most likely futures. Again, you are valued as the expert on where we are going.

Strategic Education Directions & Getting There Through Foresight

Joe is not alone in being inspired by educators and how they are leading the future. Join him as he shares a bit of strategy and technique in taking that energy into sustainable futures. We feel what is next. We know what we want to see. Joe explores strategies for proving we know what is coming, measuring its likelihood, and acting to ensure the preferred direction is where we end up. Foresight is the combination of futures studies and strategic planning. We measure, we choose, we guide. Joe reports on what some methods tell us about where we may be going and brings the discussion real on-the-ground value by including you in to craft these directions. Joe combines the methods of strategic foresight with a passion for the educational role of our libraries and centers. The strategies shared help articulate and sell, as well as organize along ongoing trajectories for our benefit. We are more than pawns in education directions. We are informed and equipped actors.

Joe presents Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. & Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. in Salon A

Steve Kossakoski

CEO Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS)

steve kossakowski

Student-Centered Learning: Paradigm Shift or Incremental Change?

You know the story: Rapid advances in technology have revolutionized industries around the world, but schools still operate largely in the same manner as those that existed decades ago. Every few years another well-intentioned program is hailed as the cure-all for what ails our schools. But when we look back we find the results amount to little more than incremental improvement to policy or practice. Student-centered learning (SCL) is the latest reform being offered as a method to improve education. There are a growing number of schools in our region and around the country that believe that SCL environments have the potential to significantly improve student engagement and achievement. How we define and implement SCL practices may determine if this is another educational fad or the dawn of a new paradigm of learning. In this session, participants will be challenged to dig deeper into the meaning of SCL by examining its components – personalization, anytime anywhere learning, student ownership, and competency-based learning – and think about how the implementation of SCL practices could transform learning for all of our students.

Steve presents Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. in Salon D & 3:15 p.m. in Salon A

Amy Moskwa

NHSTE 2014 Pat Keyes Educator Award Winner Grade 4 Teacher, Riddle Brook Elementary School, Bedford

amy moskwa

Edmodo: An Online Learning Platform

NHSTE presents Amy Moskwa, the 2014 Pat Keyes Educator Award Winner. Explore with her the potential of Edmodo, a free and secure online-learning platform where teachers and students of all grade levels can collaborate, share content, and access assessment tools to supplement in-class learning. Edmodo provides a safe and easy way to support learning beyond the classroom and helps students develop important online skills. Join Amy to see how Edmodo can be integrated into one classroom, a grade level, or an entire school.

Amy’s concurrent session is on Wednesday at 3:15 p.m. in Salon A

Andy Littlefield

NHSTE 2010 Susan Janosz Impact Award Winner Technology Administrator, Exeter Region Cooperative School District & VLACS Virtual Instructor

andy littlefield

Blended & Personalized Learning - Get Started Today

NHSTE presents Andy Littlefield, the 2010 Susan Janosz Impact Award Winner. Learn about schools and teachers that have shifted their instructional practices to provide students with choice and voice in learning. As a teacher and administrator, Andy is thrilled to see students take ownership of their learning. In 2015, Andy was granted a sabbatical to research schools with blended learning programs in place. He visited schools in Arizona, California, Maine, New Hampshire, and Texas. Many of the schools were reviewed and mentioned by Michael B. Horn & Heather Staker in their book Blended Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools. During the presentation, Andy will share his observations and discuss the paths a classroom teacher can pursue to better engage their learners in learning. As with most educational innovations, the classroom teacher is key in bringing about change.

Andy presents on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in Salon D & Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in Salon A

Hopkinton Middle High School

Panel consisting of Robert Woolner, Matt Stone, and Classroom Teachers

hopkinton middle schoolTechnology: Thorough Integration

The Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference Steering Committee is excited to highlight Hopkinton Middle High School as our Spotlight School for 2015. Join this panel to learn how technology has long been offered to students at all grade levels in the three schools serving the Hopkinton community. Hopkinton Middle High School has appropriately promoted the use of technology in classrooms, from 7th grade geography classes using desktops assembled by teams of students, to high school science classes using tablets and smart phones, to using Geographic Information Systems apps to map natural resources. Students at the school use technology every day; it is their new normal.

This panel is scheduled on Thursday at 11:30 a.m. in Curriers