Spotlight Sessions

  • Carol Todd
  • David Loertscher
  • Anita Cellucci
  • Pam McLeod
  • Brian Gray
  • Kathy Schrock
  • Pittsfield Elementary School

Special Educator, Parent, & Speaker

Carol Todd FullSizeR 

Carol Todd has been a special needs educator in British Columbia, Canada since 1984 and is currently a coordinator in her school district in the area of Assistive Technology. Making sure that students use technology effectively, efficiently and safely is of main importance. Carol created Amanda’s Legacy in memory of her daughter who died by suicide in October of 2012. The legacy’s mission is to bring increased awareness and conversations to schools, families and communities about online safety, exploitation, cyber abusive behaviors online and mental health. She has joined forces with like minded individuals and organizations to create increased awareness related to these issues that need more attention. Carol is a dedicated advocate working to encourage a shift in thinking and beliefs about negative behaviors (both on and offline) to those of REFLECTION and RESPECT.

Carol shares her experiences and expertise in the following sessions:

  • Monday evening Parent Forum - 6:30 to 8:00pm in Salon A DEVELOPING DIGITAL RESPONSIBILITY IN OUR CHILDREN
  • Tuesday concurrent session - 10:30 to 11:30am in Salon A ONLINE SAFETY, CYBERBULLYING, KINDNESS, & RESPECT

Special Educator, Parent, & Speaker

David Loertscher Portrait 

David V. Loertscher has degrees from the University of Utah, the University of Washington, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University. He has been a school library media specialist in Nevada and Idaho at both the elementary and secondary school levels. He has taught at Purdue University, University of Arkansas, University of Oklahoma, and is presently a professor at the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. He served as head of the editorial department at Libraries Unlimited for ten years and is President of Hi Willow Research & Publishing (distributed by LMC Source at He has been a president of the American Association of School Librarians.

David shares his experiences and expertise in the following sessions:

  • Monday full-day PreConference Workshop 8:00am to 3:00pm in Coolidge SOMETHING IN COMMON
  • Monday afternoon PreConference Workshop 4:00 to 5:30pm in Coolidge LIBRARY LEARNING COMMONS: AN INVESTMENT STRATEGY FOR STUDENT GROWTH
  • Tuesday concurrent session 10:30 to 11:30am in Curriers LEARNING COMMONS ~ LET'S TALK ABOUT "CHOPPORTUNITIES"

Teacher Librarian at Westborough High School Library Learning Commons

Anita Cellucci 

Anita Cellucci is the Teacher Librarian at Westborough High School Library Learning Commons. She advises the joint public and school Teen Advisory Board as well as a poetry/spoken word team. She is a frequent speaker on library and educational topics such as: creating community; collaboration with public libraries; empowering teens; community literacy projects; guided inquiry design; mental health and libraries; building empathy in education; and curriculum development with content area teachers. Anita is currently the Past President of the Massachusetts School Library Association, a co-recipient of the SLJ Scholastic School Librarian of the Year Finalist award, the 2016/17 MSLA Webseal of excellence, and the 2017 MSLA Service Award. Anita is a Guided Inquiry Design practitioner and has published a chapter in the book - Guided Inquiry Design in Action: High School. Anita writes a column for SLC (School Library Connection) - Full Voice.

Anita shares her experiences and expertise in the following sessions:

  • Thursday Concurrent session 2:30 to 3:30pm in Curriers USING GUIDED INQUIRY DESIGN TO ENHANCE STUDENT LEARNING

CETL NHSTE 2012 Sue Janosz Impact Award Winner & Director of Technology for the Concord School District

Pam McLeod headshot 

From lunch duty to classroom integration to managing a multi-million dollar district wide infrastructure, Pam McLeod has 13 years of experience in New Hampshire K-12 education, from a small K-8 school to a large city district. She holds degrees in Engineering from the University of Wyoming (BSEE) and Purdue University (MSE); education technology integrator graduate certification from Plymouth State University; and is currently pursuing a CAGS in Education Leadership/ Superintendent Certification with Plymouth State. She is the current Director of Technology for the Concord School District: a district of 7 schools, 4,700 students, and 1,000 staff. Pam is a past-President of NHSTE and the cofounder and Past-President of the NH CTO Council, the NH affiliate of CoSN.

Pam shares her experiences and expertise in the following sessions:

  • Tuesday concurrent session – 12:00 to 1:00pm in Curriers 17 YEARS INTO THE 21ST CENTURY: TECHNOLOGY ESSENTIALS FOR ADMINISTRATORS

CETL NHSTE 2015 Pat Keyes Educator Award Winner & Social Studies Teacher, Sanborn Regional High School

Brian Gray 

Brian Gray has been leading the technological and competencybased education revolution at Sanborn Regional High School for nearly eight years. Brian’s work has garnered attention around the country, and even beyond U.S. borders. Visitors frequently observe his classroom -- including former New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan, the Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education, teachers and administrators from as far away as Afghanistan, and federal education officials. His class has been featured in numerous media outlets and documentaries, including The Christian Science Monitor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and National Public Radio. The NHSTE Pat Keyes award validated his efforts at his school for technology integration and innovative competencybased learning initiatives.

Brian shares his experiences and expertise in the following sessions:

  • Tuesday concurrent session 1:30 to 2:30pm in Salon A GROWTH MINDSET & THE GOOGLE CLASSROOM
  • Wednesday concurrent session 12:00 to 1:00pm in Salon A TECHNOLOGY TOOLS TO PERSONALIZE LEARNING

Educator, Consultant, & Educational Technology Guru

schrock headshot 

Kathy Schrock has been involved with technology to support teaching and learning for over 20 years and is a Google Certified Teacher, an Apple Teacher 2016, an AlphaSquirrel, a ThingLink Certified Educator, and a Discovery Education Guru. Kathy writes, speaks, blogs, tweets, and conducts professional development workshops, presentations, and keynotes throughout the world. She also teaches in the edtech graduate program at Wilkes University (PA). She is known for her practical presentations dealing with pedagogically sound practices for the embedding of technology seamlessly into teaching and learning.

Kathy shares her experiences and expertise in the following sessions:

  • Tuesday concurrent session 12:00 to 1:00pm in Salon A IT IS TIME TO FIND YOUR EDTECH PASSION!
  • Wednesday concurrent session 10:30 to 11:30am in Salon A PROMOTING INVENTIVENESS IN THE CLASSROOM
  • Thursday BYOD session 9:30 to 11:30am in Hawthorne LEARN TO CREATE & SHARE YOUR OWN VR IMAGES: IOS/ANDROID SMARTPHONES

PRESENTERS: Bernadette Rowley & Danielle John-Zensky

pittsfield elementary

Last year, Pittsfield Elementary School participated in the initial phase of the NG2 (no grades, no grades) program. During the pilot year, schools looked at how best to instruct students with methods that combined competencybased learning and performance assessments in a multiage setting. Bernadette taught a multiage first and second grade classroom and found effective strategies that enabled students to make progress beyond their grade level expectations. Danielle enabled and supported the success of students by co-teaching reading and math groups in the multi-age setting. Both educators are skilled at using data from online platforms to determine the best course for personalized instruction for their students, as well as implementing goal setting based on the necessary learning outcomes for a student. Prior to becoming a multiage teacher, Bernadette taught first and third grade. Danielle has been both a classroom teacher and special education teacher. Pittsfield Elementary School is excited to be entering the second phase of the NG2 program with more multiage classes being co-taught, explanding the use of blended learning, and increasing student agency.

Tuesday concurrent session 1:30 to 2:30pm in Curriers PERSONALIZING INSTRUCTION WITH BLENDED LEARNING

Have you ever wondered how blended learning can help increase personalized, targeted instruction, and growth in your classroom? Come and learn about how using online learning programs, such as Dreambox and Lexia, can assist teachers in better planning of instruction and intervention. Also explore how teachers can use online programs and tools to supplement classroom lessons to help deepen understanding and demonstrate mastery. Discover how eLearning provides a powerful opportunity for goal-setting and assisting students with determining their own expectations for growth.