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2018 Sessions With Extensions
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BDTh01-F: Constructing Knowledge Using Google Tools
BDTh03-F: Video Game Design
BDTu03-F: Digital Breakouts ~ A Virtual Escape Room
BDWe01-H: How to Fast Draft Your Blog, Article, or Book!
BDWe02-H: Digital Teaching Tools to Empower Student Choice
PreC01-F: Finding Funding & Support for Rich Digital Learning Environments
PreC03-SD: Master the Machine: Flipping Your Classroom with Chromebooks
PreC05-D: Making with Raspberry Pi Computer
PreC09-H: Bring Wonder to Your Classroom with Dash, Dot, & Cue
PreC17-D: "Scratching the Programing Itch" with the New Scratch 3.0
T1-02: Show Me The $$$! Writing and Winning Successful Grants
T3-03: Meet Them Where They Are: Using Technology to Help Struggling Learners
T3-07: Are Your Network & Endpoints Really Secure from All Threats?
T3-13: Social Emotional Learning: Where to Find It, How to Fund It
T4-02: Enhance your 1:1 Environment by Harnessing the Powers of Google Console
T4-04: Student Portfolios using Google Sites
T4-07: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Th1-02: Move to the Head of the Class with Google Classroom
Th1-03: PBL in the form of Webquest
Th1-04: Technology to Support Competency & Achievement
Th1-13: The Whole Child: Social Emotional Learning with Coding & Digital Skills
Th2-01: Leading the Way Toward Innovation: Digital Age Librarians
Th2-04: K-5 Deep Dive: CS Standards
Th2-22: Project Based Learning in the Library & Classroom
Th3-02: Blind Them with Library Science: Making research-driven decisions
Th3-03: Integrated STEAM Education
Th3-07: Planning your time for Projects
Th3-14: Using Primary Sources to for Engaging, Real-World Relevant Learning
Th4-02: Using Books to Encourage Children's Interest in STEM
Th4-03: Confessions of a One-Day-A-Week Librarian
Th4-04: Personalized Professional Learning with Micro-credentials
Th4-22: Form Follows Function
Thu-AM-SH-T-Boisvert: TS - Connecting ISTE Standards, Digital Portfolios, & Competencies
Thu-PM-SH-S-Gaides(1): SS - Sharing Student Voice: Generation YES Youth & Educators - Team1
Thu-PM-SH-S-Gaides(2): SS - Sharing Student Voice: Generation YES Youth & Educators - Team2
Thu-PM-SH-S-Gaides(3): SS - Sharing Student Voice: Generation YES Youth & Educators - Team3
Tue-AM-SH-T-VanDerKern: TS - Khan Academy
W1-01: Digital Citizenship in Every Classroom
W1-03: CodeSpark the Foos: Programming with PreK through Grade 5
W1-13: Show Me The Money! Feedback on Funding Ideas
W1-14: Closing the Homework Gap: Are your students connected?
W2-14: QR Codes, Stations, Centers, & more!
W2-22: QRIt! The Trail Project
W3-01: Tech Tools for Student Engagement & Teacher Effectiveness
W3-02: Keeping Learning First - Leadership for Education Technology
W3-03: Space Innovations: Creating Powerful Learning Spaces
W4-01: Makerspaces Unleashed
W4-02: Flatten Your Classroom: Knock Down the Walls of Your Classroom and Let your
W4-07, Th4-07: Show Students the World with Tour Builder
W4-22: Crowdfunding Your Classroom Needs Using Donors Choose
Wed-AM-SH-T-Drolet: TS - NH Kids Code