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2017 Sessions With Extensions
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BDTh01-F: What's the All the Chatter About?
BDTh01-H: SL - Learn to Create & Share Your Own VR images: iOS/Android Smartphones
PM-Playground-McClaskey: Discover Canva: Create Beautiful Designs & Professional Graphics
PreC20-A: Learn. Code. Fly. Microdrones in Education!
T1-14: iPad in Primary Learning
T1-16: Conquering Tech Grants
T2-01: SL - It Is Time to Find Your Edtech Passion!
T2-14: Everyone Can Code
T2-16 W3-16: Promethean Interactive Classroom Update
T3-03: Personalized Learning & UDL: Realizing the Promise of Learner Agency
T3-14: Creative uses of iOS 11 in your Classroom
T3-16: Mobile Devise Management Solutions
T4-03: Curriculum Access for ALL Students
T4-14: Become an Apple Teacher. Fuel Your Passion for Learning.
T4-16 W4-16: Comparing Wireless Technologies & Vendors
Th1-04: Create Your Own Virtual Reality Tours
Th3-04: Student Perspectives on Technology Use in Education
Th4-03: Students as Engineers & Developers
W1-01: SL - Promoting Inventiveness in the Classroom
W1-03: Building a Culture: Your Foundation for Personalized & CB Instruction
W1-16: What you need to know about Wireless Security
W1-22: Our Techs in Jeopardy
W2-16: Going on a Virtual Fieldtrip through the CILC
W4-01: Build Your Technology Toolkit

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