Session Extensions

PSDC16HPSDC24H ~ iPod Math Camp: Apps, Use, & Management
In this workshop, math coach Susan Nadeau, will demonstrate how to use a variety of math apps using a classroom set of iPods. Laurie Prewandowski will discuss the volume app purchase program and how to manage a classroom set of iPods.
IPOD Camp Nov. 2012-Demo Apps.pdf (310 KB)
This handout includes the entire collection of math apps. The ones highlighted in red are the ones that were demonstrated during the session.
CMTC Math Camp Prices.pdf (1.4 MB)
This handout has the price of the apps at the time of this workshop.
CMTC Math Camp.pdf (3.7 MB)
This handout has screenshots of each iPod collection so that you can see which apps are used for each math category.