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2015 Sessions With Extensions
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: *CANCELLED* GIZMOS, PhET, & Mosamack Oh My!
BDTh01-F: Let Them Ask Questions?
BDTh01-H: The Empowered Superintendent
BDTh03-H: Exit Tickets, Feedback, & Formative/Summative Assessments, Oh My!
BDTu01-F: Streamline Your Learning Environment Using Google Classroom
BDTu03-D: Interactive Timelines
BDTu03-H: Google Classroom for Teachers
BDTu04-D: Google Sites for School Districts
BDTu04-H: Podcasting: Of the Students, By the Students, For the Students
BDWe01-D: Using Creative Commons In & Out of the Classroom
BDWe01-F: Using Nearpod & Socrative to Deliver & Assess Lessons
BDWe02-H: Create a Data Essay with Infographics
BDWe03-D: Welcome to the Twitter-sphere: Enhance Your PD, Build Your PLN, & Connect
BDWe03-H: Make & Take An Android App
BDWe04-F: Google Drawing for Science
K1: Words Wound: Delete Cyberbullying & Make Kindness Go Viral
K2: The Changing Landscape Digital Learning
K3: Becoming a Lifelong Learner
PreC09-C: Cyberbullying: Actionable Strategies for Administrators
PreC13-SC: MITI - AR Tools for the iPad: OSMO - Color Alive - Elements 4D
PreC14-SD: MITI-Bee-Bots & Pro-Bots:Coding for Early Childhood & Elementary Classrooms
PreC15-SA: FREE - Cyberbullying, Sexting, & Unwise Social Networking: Role of Parents
SH-S-DeCamp: Blue Wave Broadcasters - Student News Show
SH-T-Day: Jitterbugs & ScribbleBots: STEAM Your Way to NGSS for All Ages
SH-T-DeCamp: Mystery Skype
SH-T-Haas: Choose-Your-Own-Techventure
SH-T-MacNicoll: Creating a School News Program
SH-T-Novak: Let's Do a BioBlitz!
SH-T-Saunders: Creating Digital Text Sets to Enhance Classroom Literature
T1-01: Sexting, Electronic Dating Violence, & Other Online Relationship Issues
T1-13: Flip & Blend Student Learning
T1-18 T4-18 W3-18 Th1-18 Th4-18: The Blended Learning Classroom
T2-01: Digital Reputation: What Your Students Need to Know & Do
T2-02: Creating SLOs for Teacher Assessment within the Unified Arts
T2-04: Transform Your Teaching with Genius Hour
T2-09: Digital Portfolio Solutions Using Google & Microsoft Office Tools
T2-10: NH e-Learning for Educators, OPEN NH, & You
T3-01: Spotlight - Emerging Futures AKA Reasons To Be Excited
T3-06: Panel - Engagement With Equity for All
T3-18 W1-18 W4-18 Th3-18: The Digital Landscape - BYOD
T4-04: The Best Awesome Apps for Educators
Th1-01: Top Ten Challenges for Mobile in the Classroom
Th1-03: Flipped Staff Meetings Using Google Classroom
Th1-07: Are You Ready for Hour of Code Week?
Th1-09: BOF - What is Working with PD and Education Technology in Your District?
Th2-01: Becoming a Key Influencer with Social Media
Th2-10: How Animated Curricular Content Engages & Teaches Students
Th3-04: Seesaw: Student Driven Digital Portfolios
Th3-07: Building a PLTW K-12 STEM Program Synopsis
Th3-10: Achieving ICT Literacy Through Student Digital Portfolios
Th4-02: Student-Created Mobile Apps for Google Play Using MIT App Inventor
Th4-03: Facilitation 101
Th4-10: Blended Learning Baby Steps for Elementary Teachers
W1-01: A Transmedia Approach to Learning
W1-02: Using Google Apps? Share Your Tips & Tricks at the "Demo Slam"!
W1-04: Make Technology Work for YOU!
W1-05: MakerSpaces: What Are They? Ways to Fund? How to Integrate?
W1-06: Blogging for Learning: Using Student Blogs to Replace Traditional Homework
W1-13: Cultivating Digital Citizenship Using an RUP
W2-01: Spotlight- Strategic Education Directions & Getting There Through Foresight
W2-04: There Are No Good Math Apps! (Not true!)
W2-10: Office 365/GAFE Integration: The Best of Both Worlds
W3-01: Using Digital Media to Cultivate Innovative Thinking in the Classroom
W3-02: What Did You Do with the Reference Section?
W3-06: Panel - Student-Run Help Desks: Leveraging Students to Increase Service
W3-09: Zapped:How to Use Zaption to Flip Staff Meetings & Professional Development
W3-10: Next Generation Technology Plans & Planning
W3-11: Tips & Tricks for Video Production
W3-13: iBeacons at School
W4-06: Panel-Policies Supporting New NH Legislation & the Educational Environment
W4-10: Apps to Supplement Executive Function
W4-11: Single Sign-On: Consolidating Account Creation for Multiple Applications
W4-13: STEM Friday Challenges