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2017 Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference
CMTC 2017 located in Manchester at the
Radisson Hotel & Expo Center of New Hampshire
November 29 - December 1, 2017
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Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference 2017 Keynote Speakers
This year we have another GREAT lineup of nationally renowned keynote speakers. The keynote sessions for 2017 include:
Speaker, Educator, and Advocate at Discovery Education
Social Media Evangelist, Speaker, Educator, and Blogger
High School Teacher and Author of Award-winning Blog
Tuesday Keynote ~ 8:00 a.m. ~ Armory
Scott Kinney
Speaker, Educator, and Advocate at Discovery Education
Scott joined Discovery in 2005 to help launch the Discovery Educator Network. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of Global Professional Development, Policy, and Education Outreach. In this role, he oversees the expansion of Discovery Education's Professional Development resources and plays a critical role in shaping worldwide policy surrounding educational technology. Scott also oversees the Discovery Educator Network (DEN), an international community of more than 200,000 educators dedicated to supporting student achievement through digital media and educational technology.
Scott actively advocates for the creative and effective application of educational technologies and digital content in America's schools. In 2009, he joined President Obama's Chief Technology Officer in testifying before the U.S. House of Representative's Education and Labor Committee on the future of education in America. In his testimony, he emphatically called upon all levels of government to accelerate their support for the use of rich digital content in schools.
Beyond the classroom and boardroom, Scott has keynoted national education conferences, offering teachers classroom-tested strategies for leveraging educational technologies and digital content to improve student engagement at all levels. He is also a contributor to national education publications and has co-authored multiple articles about using technology as a tool to help differentiate instruction.
Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer & Information Science, having graduated Magna Cum Laude, and a Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. He is based in Discovery Education's offices at Discovery Communications' world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.
For more information, visit the Discovery Education website at

Tuesday Keynote: Moving Learning . . . Beyond the Information Age
Students around the globe interact with each other and content in fundamentally different ways than any previous generation of learners. The students in our classrooms today were born into in an age where people, plans, and information are only a few keystrokes away. Yet even with the irrefutable evidence that our students have a clear preference in how they choose to interact with information, we largely ignore these facts when considering instructional strategies and content. Explore with our keynote digital content, global trends, and examples of current successes necessary for educators to move learning beyond the Information Age.

Discovery Education's Brad Fountain also conducts two concurrent sessions on Tuesday in Salon A:

The Digital Classroom: What Does It Look Like? at 10:30 a.m.
Reading, Writing, Science! The Literacy Connection & Discovery Education at 1:30 p.m.

Please see the online catalog for session and workshop descriptions.
Wednesday Keynote ~ 8:00 a.m. ~ Armory
Angela Maiers
Social Media Evangelist, Speaker, Educator, and Blogger
Angela is an award-winning educator, speaker, consultant, and professional trainer known for her work in literacy, leadership, and global communications. She is consistently energized and recognized worldwide for impacting leadership in both the education and international business communities. Challenging dated educational philosophies, Angela strives to achieve total synergy and unstoppable energy by reconstructing the thought process of current ideologies.
Today, Angela is at the forefront of New Literacy and Web 2.0 technologies. An active blogger and social media evangelist, she is deeply committed to helping learners understand the transformational power of technology. Her intimate knowledge of teaching and learning, down-to-earth style, and powerful message of personal empowerment have made her a vibrant and courageous voice in both the business and education space.
As owner and lead consultant at Maiers Educational Services, she uses her passion for literacy and technology to discover creative ways to assist schools and organizations in meeting their learning and productivity goals.
She is an alumnus of the University of Iowa with a Masters degree in Educational Supervision and Reading. She has spent 22 years working in elementary, middle, and university settings as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, coach, special programs facilitator, and university professor.
When she is not at home in Clive, Iowa, spending time with her husband and two teenage children, you will find her on her blog or on Twitter at @angelamaiers - her favorite space for thinking, creating, and pushing the scope of her imagination and learning.
For more information, visit the Angela's website at

Wednesday Keynote: Habitudes of a 21st Century Learner
Keys for Lifelong Learning and Success, Creativity, Innovation, Problem Solving; these are buzz words no longer! To meet the complexities of today's world, our students need more than skills - they need Habitudes! Successful students, workers, and citizens have identifiable habits and behaviors that allow them to manage emotions, communicate effectively, and sustain themselves as independent and successful lifelong learners. This session explores intentional lessons and conversations that nurture and develop these habits and their attitudes; the Habitudes that ensure our students' success far beyond our classrooms.
Angela also conducts two concurrent sessions on Wednesday in Salon A:

Leadership in a Digital Age - Creating a Living, Learning Plan at 10:30 a.m.
The Human Web at 12:00 p.m.

Please see the online catalog for session and workshop descriptions.
Thursday Keynote ~ 8:00 a.m. ~ Armory
Richard Byrne
High School Teacher and Author of Award-winning Blog
Richard Byrne is best known in the educational technology community for his award-winning blog Free Technology for Teachers. On a daily basis Richard's blog reaches a subscriber base of more than 48,000 educators. In addition to writing Free Technology for Teachers, Richard writes a monthly column for School Library Journal, is a contributing author to What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media, has written for Teacher Librarian, and recently launched Android 4 Schools.
Richard has presented at conferences and schools across North America and Europe. Richard's work focuses on sharing free webbased resources that educators can use to enhance their students' learning experiences.
Richard became a Google Certified Teacher in 2009. In 2010 he was the runner-up for ACTEM's (Association of Computer Teachers and Educators in Maine) educator of the year award. Tech & Learning Magazine named Richard one of their "people to watch" in their 100@30 30th Anniversary celebration.
Richard was a high school social studies teacher for eight years before becoming a full-time writer and speaker. He currently stays involved in the classroom by teaching evening courses on a part-time basis.
Richard lives with his loyal dog, Morrison, in Greenwood, Maine.
Visit Richard's websites at and

Thursday Keynote: Everything Is Free, Now What?
The web is loaded with free resources for teachers and students. Experience how to use Richard's Discovery, Discussion, and Demonstration (DDD) framework to select the best and leverage them to create better learning experiences for your students. This simple but powerful framework can be used in any classroom. Richard models how he uses the DDD framework to select the best resources for his classroom and his students. And of course, Richard will share his latest favorite websites and apps for education - come join the journey . . .
Richard also conducts two concurrent sessions on Thursday in Salon A:

Google Across the Curriculum at 10:00 a.m.
Best of the Web 2012 at 1:00 p.m.

Please see the online catalog for session and workshop descriptions.
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