Concurrent Sessions for Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Room Session T1 ~ 8:00 am - 8:50 am Session T3 ~ 9:40 pm - 10:30 pm Session T5 ~ 12:50 pm - 1:40 pm Session T7 ~ 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Contoocook (D) Crafting Your Digital Identity with a Global Audience
Cynthia Dunlap T1-01
Book Bosses: Reading, Thinking, & Creating with Tech
Cynthia Dunlap T3-01
  Pushing Yourself to Challenge Others
*Craig Sheil, Jessica Gilcreast T7-01
Webster Using Google Sites to Show Your Stuff
*Edith Fogarty, Edith Fogarty T1-02
Remixing Formative Assessments With Tech: Paving a Path to Competency
Jeanna Wagner, Krista Day T3-02
Funding Educational Innovation Outside of Your Budget
Michael Thompson T5-02
Student Choice: Placing Autonomy, Power, & Control In Their Hands
James Sgroi T7-02
Pierce Come & Knock on My Door: Collaborative practices in Schools
Matthew Joseph T1-03
Sketch to Stretch Creative Thinking
*Karen Desjadon, Amy Downing T3-03
EdTech Coaching in Today's Classrooms
Matthew Joseph T5-03
Making a full length movie with students
*Brian Chagnon T7-03
Coolidge Developing HS Computer Science for ALL Students
Michael Thompson T1-04
    Tips and Strategies Going 1:1 (Chromebooks)
Sandy Blanc T7-04
Dartmouth Free Web Tools to Individualize Math Instruction
Jane Pollard T1-05
Lead Like a Librarian
*Pam Harland, Pam Harland T3-05
Unlock the Internet! Creating Digital Breakouts: A Student's Perspective
*Rachel Hopkins, Jessica Pereira T5-05
Creating PD Opportunities to Meet the Needs of All Teachers
Rachel Kuberry, Lisah Rhodes T7-05
Frost Read & Roll: Literacy Design Challenges featuring Sphero robots
*Laurie Williams, Karen Cowles T1-08
Chromebooks in the 1:1 Environment- Google Console, APIs, & Extensions
Chantal Duval, Alex Libby T3-08
Self-paced & Personalized Learning With CodeHS
*Tim Maki T5-08
Twenty for '20: Tools, Trends, & Techniques to Inspire & Motivate
*Maureen Yoder T7-08
Stark Improving Presentations: Pecha Kucha Style
Cynthia Young, Kai Dennett T1-09
Fun with Forms!
*Jenifer Hollander T3-09
Who wants to Seesaw? (Digital Portfolios in the Elementary Classroom)
Chris Lindsay, Barbara Mantere T5-09
Online Tools for Classroom Projects
John Fladd T7-09