CMTC 2016: Concurrent Sessions for Tuesday

Room Session T1 ~ 10:30 am - 11:30 am Session T2 ~ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Session T3 ~ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Session T4 ~ 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
Pemigewasset (A) Your Digital Footprint
George Couros T1-01
3 Things Students Should Have Before They Leave High School
George Couros T2-01
The Changing Landscape in the 1-to-1 Classroom
Terry Bullard, Craig Sheil T3-01
The Common Thread: Weaving Information Literacy Skills to Engage Learners
*Kathy Schrock T4-01 Extensions
Piscataquog (B) Technology: Purposefully & Successfully Implementing Change
*Timothy Maki T1-02
Introducing...Microsoft Classroom!
Karen Switzer T2-02
Google Classroom: The "One Ring" of the Classroom
*Tim Maki T3-02
Individualize Student Outcomes via Gamification
*Krystin Cooney, Heath Ahnert T4-02
Merrimack (C) Everything you wanted to know about teaching online, but were afraid to ask
*Susan Ballard, Ann Spencer T1-03
Mystery Skype: Connecting & Engaging Students
*Jessica Wentworth T2-03
Networked Teens & Tweens: What College Students Can Teach Us
*Michael Wakefield T3-03 Extensions
Quick & Easy Online Tools to Support Differentiation
*Kelly Swindlehurst T4-03
Contoocook (D) Implementing an Assistive Technology Model in Your School
Stacy Driscoll, MEd, ATP T1-04
Breakout EDU for Game Based Learning
*Nicole Cassamassino, Kara Speaker T2-04
Ten Tools & Trends That Will Amaze & Inspire You
*Maureen Yoder T3-04
Teaching Information Literacy in the Middle School
*Ginna Schonwald, Deb Boisvert T4-04 Extensions
Curriers Social Media ~ A Proactive Position for Instruction & Communication
Kecia Ray T1-06
Genius Hour, 20% Time, Passion Project: What's in a name?
*Jill Canillas Daley, Sean Collins T2-06
Setting the Stage for a Future Ready Personal Learning Plan
*Kathleen McClaskey T3-06 Extensions
Balancing Privacy & Innovation
Terry Bullard T4-06
Coolidge Student Safety & Security in the 21st Century Classroom: Tips & Tools
Neal Richardson T1-07
Digital Signage with Raspberry Pis
Ethan Pfenninger T2-07
Protecting Users No Matter Where They Go
Mark Turner, Chris Chaves, Cyndy Currier T3-07 Extensions
Using Media Arts to Promote Student Ownership of Student Digital Portfolios
*Stan Freeda, Marcia McCaffrey T4-07 Extensions
Stark M & M's and Reading Practice: What do they have in common?
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn T1-12
Repeated: W1-12, Th1-12
Become a better Cognitive Coach to Ensure a Successful RTI Process
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn T2-12
Repeated: T4-12, W2-12, W4-12, Th2-12, Th4-12
Demystify Math (We are all math people)
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn T3-12
Repeated: W3-12, Th3-12
Become a better Cognitive Coach to Ensure a Successful RTI Process
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn T4-12
Repeated: T2-12, W2-12, W4-12, Th2-12, Th4-12
Webster Discover an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Bill Norris T1-13
Discover an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Bill Norris T2-13
Discover an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Bill Norris T3-13
Discover an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Bill Norris T4-13
Pierce May the Force Be With You: Librarian & Tech Integrator Collaborating
Jessica Gilcreast, Craig Sheil T1-14
School Librarians Advancing STEM
*Madeleine Wright, Molly Horn T2-14
Middle School MakerSpace ~ Grants to Classroom Integration
*Julie Spang, Caitlyn Morris T3-14 Extensions
Facilitating Authentic Learning & Engagement with Technology
*Jaclyn Karabinas, Carolyn Cormier T4-14
Hale The Need for Cyber Security in Today's K-12 School Districts
Mike Sulmonetti T1-15
Enabling Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom
Mark Sadinsky T2-15
FileWave 101: Simplified management of Windows, MacOS, iOS, & Droid
Rusty Clementoni T3-15
Unified School Security & Mass Notification
Jason Roberts, Joseph Chappell T4-15
Repeated: W3-15
Spaulding Let's Have a Wireless Bake-off
David Lavallee, Jeff Mann T1-16 Extensions
Repeated: W4-16
Conquering Tech Grants: How to make your proposal WIN
Alejandra Sulpizio, Jeff Mann, Jeff Mann T2-16 Extensions
Repeated: W3-16
Promethean New Product Update
Geoffrey Allison, Jeff Mann T3-16 Extensions
Repeated: W2-16
Going on a Virtual Fieldtrip with the CILC
Jan Zanetis, Lance Ford T4-16 Extensions