CMTC 2017: Concurrent Sessions for Tuesday

Room Session T1 ~ 10:20 am - 11:10 am Session T2 ~ 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm Session T3 ~ 1:40 pm - 2:30 pm Session T4 ~ 3:10 pm - 4:00 pm
Pemigewasset (A) SL - Learning Commons ~ Let's Talk About "Chopportunities"
*David Loertscher T1-01
SL - It Is Time to Find Your Edtech Passion!
*Kathy Schrock T2-01 Extensions
K - Fear the Sitting Dead: Bringing PD Back to Life!
Steve Dembo T3-01 Extensions
SL - Growth Mindset & the Google Classroom
*Brian Gray T4-01 Extensions
Piscataquog (B) CNMG "Our Community" of Learning in the Primary Grades
*Jimi Emery, Jen Bailey T1-02
STEM, Makerspace, Learning's all SCHOOL & here's how to do it!
Paula Izbicki, Nicole Tomaselli T2-02 Extensions
Girls In STEM
*Amy Cantone, Sue Mayo T3-02
Merrimack (C) Packaging Pedagogy Using G Suite Tools
*Laurie Prewandowski, Shelby Wischan T1-03 Extensions
Digital Citizenship in a Social Media Savvy World
*Craig Sheil, Ali Mattson T2-03
Personalized Learning & UDL: Realizing the Promise of Learner Agency
*Kathleen McClaskey T3-03 Extensions
Curriculum Access for ALL Students
*Nicole Cassamassino T4-03 Extensions
Contoocook (D) What's all the hype about Hyperdocs?
*Karen Desjadon, Susan Wakelin T1-04
Eighteen for 2018: Tools & Trends to Inspire & Motivate
*Maureen Yoder T2-04
The Human Code: Computational Thinking in Learning
Pamela Carr T3-04 Extensions
Designing Tech Programs to Increase the Inclusion of Girls
*Johanna Prince T4-04
Armory Classroom   Video Production as an Instructional Strategy in the Science Classroom.
Mitchell Shuldman, Deidre Barrett T2-05 Extensions
Beyond Pen & Paper: How to Enhance Your Classroom in the Digital Age
*Ashley Millerd, Julia Ryan T3-05 Extensions
Beyond the Classroom Walls: Discovering the Benefits of Open Pedagogy
*Carolyn Cormier, Emily Gannon T4-05 Extensions
Curriers Starting a STEAM program
*Melissa Jellison, Erica Hicks T1-06 Extensions
SL 17 Years into the 21st Century: Technology Essentials for Admin Teams
Pam McLeod T2-06 Extensions
SL - Personalizing Instruction with Blended Learning
*Bermadette Rowley, Danielle John-Zensky T3-06 Extensions
Executive Function Apps for Educators
*Jen Cloutier, Sandy Olin, Sandy Olin T4-06
Coolidge 21st Century Course Design & STEM Pathway Innovation
Daniel Downs T1-07
Don't Duplicate That Form
*Jenifer Hollander T2-07
Change our SIS? Yes we did! A case study
John Martin, Eric Nentrup T3-07 Extensions
Adaptive Personalized Learning Solutions that Promote Student Agency
Jill Olson T4-07
Dartmouth Virtual Reality: A Futuristic Tool that's Transforming Education Now
Palo Peirce, Rick Fredkin T1-22
A Next Gen Approach for Advanced Security Threats
Cyndy Currier, Chris Chaves T2-22
Assistive Technology for Students with Learning and Print Disabilities
*Jennifer Campo, Molly Thomson T3-22 Extensions
Conceptual Understanding in Math & Science Using Inquiry Based Instruction
*Sarah Curtin, Susan Leifer T4-22
Stark Fuel the Passion for Reading: Use Student Data to Develop Lifelong Readers
Brian Karsbaek T1-12
Repeated: W4-12, Th2-12
Insight to Trust Your Instinct: Score-to-skill-to-resource-to-mastery
Brian Karsbaek T2-12
Repeated: W3-12, Th1-12
RTI 2.0: The Evolved Model & Connecting ALL the Pieces
Brian Karsbaek T3-12
Repeated: W2-12, Th4-12
What is the Formula for Mastering Math?
Brian Karsbaek T4-12
Repeated: W1-12, Th3-12
Webster Create an Easy, Affordable Makerspace with Fab@School
Andrea Calvin T1-13
Repeated: W2-13, Th1-13, Th3-13
Create Bravely: Creative Self-Design for a Purposeful Life
Paul Reynolds T2-13
Repeated: W1-13
Making Makerspaces Meaningful
Leo Brehm T3-13
Activated Storytelling for Transformational Learning
Paul Reynolds, Andrea Calvin T4-13
Repeated: W3-13
Pierce iPad in Primary Learning
Matt Brooks T1-14 Extensions
Everyone Can Code
Matt Brooks T2-14 Extensions
Creative uses of iOS 11 in your Classroom
Clif Hirtle T3-14 Extensions
Become an Apple Teacher. Fuel Your Passion for Learning.
Matt Brooks, Clif Hirtle T4-14 Extensions
Hale Data Security for Schools: Are Your Student, Faculty, & Records Secure?
Cameron Shilling, Sean Powers T1-15
Launch Learning with Nearpod
Matthew DeLawyer T2-15
The State of the Cloud
Rob Williams T3-15
Repeated: W3-15
Standards-based Grading Requires the Right Mindset AND the Right Tool
Jennifer Gurss T4-15
Spaulding Conquering Tech Grants
Jeff Mann T1-16 Extensions
Promethean Interactive Classroom Update
Geoffrey Allison T2-16 Extensions
Repeated: W3-16
Mobile Devise Management Solutions
David Lavallee T3-16 Extensions
Comparing Wireless Technologies & Vendors
Dave Lavallee T4-16 Extensions
Repeated: W4-16