CMTC 2017: Concurrent Sessions for Thursday

Room Session Th1 ~ 8:30 am - 9:20 am Session Th2 ~ 10:00 am - 10:50 am Session Th3 ~ 1:15 pm - 2:05 pm Session Th4 ~ 2:40 pm - 3:30 pm Session Th5 ~ 6:30 pm - 7:20 pm
4 Rivers Ballroom K - Everything You Wanted to Know about 3D Printing
Steve Dembo Th1-01 Extensions
K - Game On: Breakout EDU & the Changing Landscape of Learning
Adam Bellow Th2-01
Beyond the NEW AASL Standards
*Pam Harland Th3-01 Extensions
Webster Immediate Feedback in an Immediate World
*Deb Boisvert, Mark Ruest Th1-02 Extensions
Nicole Cassamassino, Kara Speaker Th2-02
#GoogleAddict 2.0
*Craig Sheil, Kerri Lunn Th3-02
NH Digital Map Competition
Ina Ahern, Bob Woolner Th4-02
Pierce Still "special"...Teaching a Research Skills Class in High School
*Rachel Hopkins Th1-03 Extensions
Blizzard Bags - Don't let snow be a "winterruption"
Zach Lamare, Kelly Trottier Th2-03 Extensions
Next Gen Learning Commons - Create One Now
Sarah Proulx, Penny Currier Th3-03
Students as Engineers & Developers
Alan Carp, Karen Matso Th4-03 Extensions
Coolidge Create Your Own Virtual Reality Tours
*Nels Tooker, Abbi Lundborn Th1-04 Extensions
Leveraging G Suite for Effective Communication and Collaboration
*Tim Maki Th2-04
Student Perspectives on Technology Use in Education
Rowen Bentley-Melle Th3-04 Extensions
Moving Students From Consumption to Creation in the 1:1 Classroom
*Jeanna Wagner, Jennifer Nugent Th4-04 Extensions
Dartmouth   SL - The Empathetic Librarian: Social Emotional Learning in the Library
Anita Cellucci Th2-05 Extensions
Frost Confessions of the One Day A Week Librarian
Laura Thomas Th1-06
Girls in Math
Amy Cantone, Kim Wood Th2-06
Beyond the Theory - Practical Applications of UDL
Julie Spang, Thea Durling Th3-06 Extensions
SL - Using Guided Inquiry Design to Enhance Student Learning
Anita Cellucci Th4-06 Extensions
Hawthorne Google Keep: A Quick & Easy Organization Tool
Laurie Prewandowski Th1-07 Extensions
How are you integrating tech in the classroom?
Matt Keddington, Matt Keddington Th2-07
Engaging Readers in a Technology Driven World
Sharon Silva, Beth Fuller Th3-07 Extensions
Engaging Writers with Book Creator: Writing and Illustrating Picture Books
Kate Thompson, Carol Currier Th4-07 Extensions
Zoom2 Insight to Trust Your Instinct: Score-to-skill-to-resource-to-mastery
Brian Karsbaek Th1-12
Repeated: T2-12, W3-12
Fuel the Passion for Reading: Use Student Data to Develop Lifelong Readers
Brian Karsbaek Th2-12
Repeated: T1-12, W4-12
What is the Formula for Mastering Math?
Brian Karsbaek Th3-12
Repeated: T4-12, W1-12
RTI 2.0: The Evolved Model & Connecting ALL the Pieces
Brian Karsbaek Th4-12
Repeated: T3-12, W2-12
Zoom3 Create an Easy, Affordable Makerspace with Fab@School
Andrea Calvin Th1-13
Paper Prototyping Bootcamp for STEAM-Powered Learning
Andrea Calvin Th2-13
Create an Easy, Affordable Makerspace with Fab@School
Andrea Calvin Th3-13
Zoom4 An Augmented Reality Check: Overview & 10 Classroom Possibilities
*Maureen Yoder Th1-14
Bringing FIRST to Your Schools " Starting, Funding, & Sustaining a Robotics
Dana Clark, Vinnie Rodino Th2-14
Game Board Mania
Mitchel Mencis, James Sgroi Th3-14