Concurrent Sessions for Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Room Session W1 ~ 8:00 am - 8:50 am Session W3 ~ 9:40 pm - 10:30 pm Session W5 ~ 12:50 pm - 1:40 pm Session W7 ~ 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Contoocook (D) Passionate Teachers
Pernille Ripp W1-01
Reimagining Literacy Through Global Collaboration
Pernille Ripp W3-01
  #GoogleAddict 4.0
*Craig Sheil, Kerri Lunn W7-01
Webster Curiosity Shop: Redefining "Classroom"
Elizabeth Juster W1-02
Implementing 20% Time in the Middle School Curriculum
*Etienne Vallee, Chip Nyhan W3-02
Using Podcasts to Amplify Student Voices
*Nels Tooker, Elizabeth Brown W5-02
Digital Demand vs. Mindful Screen Time: Helping Students Find the Balance
Jeanna Wagner, Amber Murphy W7-02
Pierce What's the fuss about Jamboard?
*Craig Sheil, Samantha O'Connor W1-03
Little Hands Learning Lab - Integrating Technology and STEM
*Lori Puzzo, Cathy Cibotti W3-03
Integrating Robotics into the K-5 Classroom
Dana Foulds, Heather Drolet W5-03
Blogging & Audience: Fifth Grade Students' Motivation to Write
*Rachel Small W7-03
Coolidge Everybody Sweats.... and other revelations of a first-year librarian
Heather Raab W1-04
Digital Learning Mixtape: Transforming Teaching with Technology
*Pam Harland W3-04
EdPuzzle: Embedding Assessment Into Classroom Videos
James Sgroi W5-04
Hey Google, is there a role for you and Alexa in classrooms? Yes!
*Maureen Yoder W7-04
Dartmouth Manage Classroom Workflow Using Google Classroom
*Edith Fogarty, Edith Fogarty W1-05
Awesome Apps to Close the Gaps - Finding & Using Effective Educational Apps
Libby Curran W3-05
Tools & Tricks for Going Gradeless & Becoming Feedback Focused
*Nels Tooker W5-05
Show me the Money $$$! Writing & Winning Successful Grants
Ethel Gaides, Kiley Kapp W7-05
Frost Energy Technologies in the Classroom
Angie Krysiak, Aubrey Nelson W1-08
Your Career in the Age of Bots, Machine Learning & AI
Edward Kissell W3-08
Pros & Cons of Social Media
Edward Kissell W5-08
E-Rate Update
Dan Riordan, Dan Riordan W7-08
Stark Fairy Tales, Folktales, and Myths in the K-3 Classroom
Mary Kuechenmeister W1-09
Discover the Learner using the UDL Lens
*Kathleen McClaskey W3-09
Project Based Learning: Explore the Path
*Nicole Cassamassino, Erin Kane W5-09
Using Technology to Strengthen ELL Instruction through UDL
Thea Durling, Sarah Jordan W7-09