CMTC 2016: Concurrent Sessions for Wednesday

Room Session W1 ~ 10:30 am - 11:30 am Session W2 ~ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Session W3 ~ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Session W4 ~ 3:15 pm - 4:15 pm
Pemigewasset (A) What does the Maker Movement "get right"? What can we learn from it?
Jenifer Fox W1-01
The Learning Commons: Blueprint for the Future Ready Library
*Pam Harland W2-01 Extensions
Do the EdTech Hokey Pokey: Put Your Whole Self In!
*Kathy Schrock W3-01 Extensions
Overhauling Tired Learning Spaces & Social Branding for Schools
*Adam Provost W4-01
Piscataquog (B) Learning Through Elementary Digital Resources
*Debra Rodd, Hattie Ferns W1-02 Extensions
Genius Hour in the Classroom
*Amy Moskwa, Tristan Bowen W2-02 Extensions
*Craig Sheil, Kerri Lunn W3-02
Makerspaces in the Elementary & Middle School Library
*Diane Connors, Lori-Lyn Griffin W4-02 Extensions
Merrimack (C) Putting a Little STEAM in Your School Library Program
Deborah Ford W1-03 Extensions
Task & Time Management with Google Apps
*Jennifer Judkins W2-03
On Your Mark, Get Ready - CODE!
Michelle Plourde W3-03
Hacking Docs: Advanced Google Docs Tips & Tricks
*Jennifer Judkins W4-03
Contoocook (D) Integrating NGSS & the 4C's using STEM
*Samantha Boudreau W1-04 Extensions
Seesaw: Creating Kid-Friendly Digital Portfolios
*Sarah Perkins W2-04
STE(A)Ming the Library
*Audra Lewis, Sara Zoe Patterson W3-04
Vast Amounts of Testosterone & Plenty of Sharp Objects
*Kathy Pearce, Pam Carr W4-04 Extensions
Armory Classroom UDL Technology: The Best Technology to Engage Students
*John O'Sullivan W1-05 Extensions
IoT & AT: The Internet of Things & Assistive Technology
Mike Marotta W2-05
Gamification & Badge Based Learning
*Joanna Marcotte W3-05
20% Time
*Etienne Vallee, Claudia Provencher W4-05 Extensions
Curriers Single Sign-On in Education: Consolidate Account Access for Multiple Apps
John Peters, Sandy Dalal W1-06 Extensions
Expanding a Low Cost BYOD & 1:1 Pilot to Middle School
*Deb Boisvert, Sarah Potter W2-06 Extensions
MakerSpace Revolution
Eric Lawson W3-06 Extensions
The First Year of Our 1-1 Program - It's Not About the Device!
Karen Switzer, Shannon Siegler W4-06
Coolidge Flipped Learning - Shake it up!
*Brenda Lomanno, Carol Trulli W1-07
How are you integrating tech in the classroom?
Mike Duffy, Cyndy Currier W2-07 Extensions
Next Generation Technology Plans & Planning
*Stan Freeda W3-07 Extensions
Humans Need Not Apply
*Edward Kissell W4-07 Extensions
Stark M & M's and Reading Practice: What do they have in common?
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn W1-12
Repeated: T1-12, Th1-12
Become a better Cognitive Coach to Ensure a Successful RTI Process
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn W2-12
Repeated: T2-12, T4-12, W4-12, Th2-12, Th4-12
Demystify Math (We are all math people)
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn W3-12
Repeated: T3-12, Th3-12
Become a better Cognitive Coach to Ensure a Successful RTI Process
Carolyn Denny, Lauren Amburn W4-12
Repeated: T2-12, T4-12, W2-12, Th2-12, Th4-12
Webster Discover an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Bill Norris W1-13
Discover an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Bill Norris W2-13
Discover an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Bill Norris W3-13
Discover an Easy, Affordable Classroom Makerspace
Bill Norris W4-13
Pierce Enhancing School Leadership with iPad
Apple Presenter, Apple Presenter W1-14
Everyone Can Code
Apple Presenter, Apple Presenter W2-14
STEM in Motion
Apple Presenter, Apple Presenter W3-14
iOS 9.3 & Apple Classroom App
Apple Presenter, Apple Presenter W4-14
Hale Learn how one school is meeting their Competency Based Goals with Edgenuity
Greg Moore, Beth Franke W1-15
STEM Learning with WeDO 2.0 & LEGO Education
Bonnie Morrissette, Kelly Jobel W2-15
Unified School Security & Mass Notification
Jason Roberts, Joseph Chappell W3-15
Repeated: T4-15
Spaulding What You Need to Know about Security
David Lavallee, Jeff Mann W1-16 Extensions
Promethean New Product Update
Geoffrey Allison, Jeff Mann W2-16 Extensions
Repeated: T3-16
Conquering Tech Grants: How to make your proposal WIN
Alejandra Sulpizio, Jeff Mann, Jeff Mann W3-16 Extensions
Repeated: T2-16
Let's Have a Wireless Bake-off
David Lavallee, Jeff Mann W4-16 Extensions
Repeated: T1-16