CMTC 2017: Concurrent Sessions for Wednesday

Room Session W1 ~ 10:20 am - 11:10 am Session W2 ~ 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm Session W3 ~ 1:40 pm - 2:30 pm Session W4 ~ 3:10 pm - 4:00 pm
Pemigewasset (A) SL - Promoting Inventiveness in the Classroom
*Kathy Schrock W1-01 Extensions
K - Untangling the Web
Adam Bellow W2-01
K - Ten Online Apps that Belong in Every Educator's Toolbox
Steve Dembo W3-01 Extensions
Build Your Technology Toolkit
*Pam Harland W4-01 Extensions
Piscataquog (B) Google Classroom: The "One Ring" of the Classroom
*Tim Maki W1-02
EDPuzzle in the Classroom
*Amy Moskwa W2-02
The Science of Design: Modeling Past, Present and Future
*Leanne Keller, Jessica Roberts W3-02
Interactive Literacy Tools
Jill Schock W4-02 Extensions
Merrimack (C) Building a Culture: Your Foundation for Personalized & CB Instruction
*Kathleen McClaskey, Josie Jordan W1-03 Extensions
Breaking Out Digitally
*Craig Sheil, Jessie Gilcreast W2-03
Engaging Student-Generated Websites That are Easy to Assess!
*Susan Mulligan W3-03
Flipping Math with Google Classroom
*Peter Bianchi W4-03 Extensions
Contoocook (D) Are you ready for Hour of Code Week?
*Carrie Feyler W1-04 Extensions
Using G Suite for Education? Share Your Tips & Tricks at the "Demo Slam"!
*Nicole Tomaselli, Mary Marotta W2-04 Extensions
Confident Coders
*Heather Drolet W3-04
Integrated Practices, Collaboration and Inquiry Opportunities
*Lori Puzzo W4-04
Armory Classroom Gamification
*Edward Kissell, Sam Belcourt W1-05
Student Help Desk: Middle School Edition
*Jarred Haas, Marc LeBlanc W2-05
Biomedical Prosthetic Challenge
*Heather Mailloux, David Remillard W3-05
Curriers Newspeak in 2017: Fake News Is Not the Only Problem
Donna Zecha W1-06 Extensions
SL - Technology Tools to Personalize Learning
*Brian Gray W2-06 Extensions
DocStickers - Old school feedback using Google Keep, Draw and Docs
*Julie Spang W3-06 Extensions
Partnership for a Digital Citizenship Professional Development Program
*Amy Chartrain W4-06 Extensions
Coolidge Computer Science for All
David Benedetto W1-07
SOS for SSO: Need Help? OneClick Access to Teaching & Learning Tools
Cyndy Currier, Peter Merritt W2-07
Making Connections with GIS mapping tools
*Jessica Oltman, Stephanie Erickson W3-07 Extensions
Technology in a World Language Class - easy as un, deux, trois
*Rebecca Bureau W4-07
Dartmouth Our Techs in Jeopardy
*Audra Kaplan, Jeannie Erickson W1-22 Extensions
Independent Learning in a 1 to 1 Environment
*Lindsay Bucknam, Jill Manning W2-22
Source Investigators
*Caitlin Bennett W3-22
Personalized Learning Through Genius Hour
*Donna Harvey-Moseley W4-22 Extensions
Stark What is the Formula for Mastering Math?
Brian Karsbaek W1-12
Repeated: T4-12, Th3-12
RTI 2.0: The Evolved Model & Connecting ALL the Pieces
Brian Karsbaek W2-12
Repeated: T3-12, Th4-12
Insight to Trust Your Instinct: Score-to-skill-to-resource-to-mastery
Brian Karsbaek W3-12
Repeated: T2-12, Th1-12
Fuel the Passion for Reading: Use Student Data to Develop Lifelong Readers
Brian Karsbaek W4-12
Repeated: T1-12, Th2-12
Webster Create Bravely: Creative Self-Design for a Purposeful Life
Paul Reynolds W1-13
Repeated: T2-13
Create an Easy, Affordable Makerspace with Fab@School
Andrea Calvin W2-13
Repeated: T1-13, Th1-13, Th3-13
Activated Storytelling for Transformational Learning
Paul Reynolds, Andrea Calvin W3-13
Repeated: T4-13
Paper Prototyping Bootcamp for STEAM-Powered Learning
Andrea Calvin W4-13
Repeated: Th2-13
Pierce LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotics in the MS Classroom - Getting Started
Michelle Dudek, Bonnie Morrissette W1-14
Tools, Resources, & Conditions Necessary for Personalized Learning
Dr. Robert Elwell, Leslie Cameron W2-14
Tackle STEM Learning with LEGO Education WeDo 2.0!
Michelle Dudek, Bonnie Morrissette W3-14
Hale Discover MDM technologies that are driving the Internet of Things
Dan Sullivan W1-15
Simple Device Onboarding Using Cloudpath
Russ Cook W2-15
The State of the Cloud
Rob Williams W3-15
Repeated: T3-15
Spaulding What you need to know about Wireless Security
Dave Lavallee W1-16 Extensions
Going on a Virtual Fieldtrip through the CILC
Jan Zanetis W2-16 Extensions
Promethean Interactive Classroom Update
Geoffrey Allison W3-16 Extensions
Repeated: T2-16
Comparing Wireless Technologies & Vendors
Dave Lavallee W4-16 Extensions
Repeated: T4-16