Session Number BDTu01-F

2017 Session
Digital Dominoes
Audra Kaplan, Tech Integration Specialist, Groton-Dunstable Regional School District, and Barbara McNulty, Groton-Dunstable Regional District

Level: Beginner
Grades: All

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Integrate old school tools with a digital twist as they build a collective set of digital domino cards (DDC) for their classroom. Have fun, build a set of digital domino cards during this session. Everyone leaves with a set of domino cards. The beauty of DDCs is they can be shared with colleagues, on classroom web pages, etc., making them accessible to all. Colleagues can use them in their own classrooms and students get extra practice at home. Any topic works, however, it must lend itself to organized pairs for matching the sides. Think equivalent fractions (1/4, one out of four, pic), or time (2:15, quarter past two o clock, analog pic), or states, (state, capital, governor, and state bird), or literature (character, book, author, and genres.) Using text and drawings, we will build 4-sided domino cards to prepare them for digitizing. Mobile devices with cameras will be used to begin digitizing these cards. Of course, any device that takes photos works. All images will be uploaded to a shared google folder before they are cropped in Google Drawings to remove unwanted borders. Finally we will bring the newly digitized dominoes into a prepared Google Presentation and presto chango, you have yourself a digital domino game. Kids love games and have even more fun playing them when they build their own. Explore the possibilities! Join us, roll up your sleeves, and get started making your first set of digital dominos.
Equipment needed: A laptop or Chromebook is needed for some activities in this session. Some tablets will be available for taking picture but participants are welcomed to bring their own mobile device to capture extra images.
Software needed: Participants should have a gmail account as we will utilize Google Drawings and Google Presentation in this session.