Session Number T1-03

8:00 am - 8:50 am
Come & Knock on My Door: Collaborative Practices in Schools
Matthew Joseph, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Leicester Public Schools

Level: Intermediate
Grades: All
Discover how collaboration enhances school culture and job satisfaction. When teachers work in a silo, it limits the collective thinking or brainstorming that is critical to innovative ideas that can transform teaching and learning. Change is hard and sometimes schools are unwilling to change due to many factors. However, moving outside your comfort zone and into the learning zone is a step to breaking down school silos. With skilled educators and the digital resources of today, we have ideas and strategies available 24/7. We have the power to shift a school into a collaborative community and to have critical conversations about exciting and innovative change in schools. A collaborative culture is more than merely attending a scheduled meeting, sharing lessons as a requirement of being on a team, or sitting through common planning time sessions. It requires transparency, honesty, integrity, dependability, accountability, and educators' commitment to shared goals. In this session, participants will learn strategies to maximize collaboration for personal growth.