Spotlight Sessions

  • Maureen Yoder ~ NHSTE
  • Chris Tebo & Derek Labrie ~ NHASP
  • Mark MacLean & Randy Wormald ~ NHASP
  • Jacqueline Neath-Foster ~ NHSLMA

Maureen Yoder, Professor Lesley University

T2-02 Creativity, Courage, Comic Relief: Transitioning Online & What We Learned

Learn from teachers who abruptly transitioned to online teaching in March 2020.  Stories and solutions that are sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching, and always informative.  Based on surveys and interviews with educators teaching all grade levels and subject areas, this session provides data and anecdotes of successful techniques and inspiring examples.  You may have been one of the educators who, without warning, proper training, or the necessary materials and equipment, left your classroom and attempted to resume your daily routine from your home, often with many other responsibilities.  At the same time, your students were quarantined with their families, relying on often inadequate technology, struggling parents, and a lack of familiar and supportive social structures.  Although overwhelming and discouraging at times, it was a remarkable kind of collegiality, resourcefulness, and courage that prevailed.  Maureen began teaching online in 1996 and directed the first fully online Technology in Education master's degree programs in the country.  Her online teaching experience, combined with input from educators on the front line, and presented with her rapid paced, lighthearted presentation style, will provide an enlightening, forward thinking and entertaining session.

Maureen Yoder

Dr. Maureen Brown Yoder is a Professor Emerita in the Educational Technology Department at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  She is a former classroom teacher, having taught kindergarten through high school.  Maureen coined the term “Electronic Constructivism” and is a blog contributor to ISTE’s EdTekHub and a Google Certified Teacher. She has written and presented extensively on emerging technologies and how to thoughtfully and creatively integrate them into existing curricula.  Maureen has participated and presented at CMTC for many years.

Chris Tebo, Principal, Somersworth School District
Derek Labrie, Teacher Somersworth High School

W2-06 Leveraging Distance Education to Enhance a Blended Classroom

Last March, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, New Hampshire educators were forced to build our capacities for remote education and virtual learning incredibly quickly and with very little planning and preparation. Many of us developed new tools and methods for delivering curriculum and used existing software in exciting new ways. Come explore some of the lessons learned from Remote Learning and how these tools, strategies, and platforms can be applied to create, support, and enhance a "blended" classroom environment. In addition, this session reviews the following: 1)  Features of a "Blended" classroom including strategies for getting started. 2) Tools, resources, and instructional strategies to support virtual instruction in the classroom.

Chris Tebo

Now in his fifth year as a New Hampshire school administrator, Chris is the current principal of Somersworth High School. He is also a part of the Fifth Cohort of the Granite State Leadership Academy and is a member of the Saint Anselm College Education Department Advisory Board.  Chris began his career immersed in competency based education. As a teacher at Spaulding High School, Chris led a team of educators working to implement a “blended” model of instruction at the classroom level. He has presented at local, state, and national conferences including ASCD (2018) and CMTC (2014).

Derek Labrie

In his first year of teaching, Derek was awarded Rookie of the Year by the Rhode Island Mathematics Teachers Association. He has worked closely with the Highlander Institute developing and implementing a blended learning classroom at Hope High School in Providence RI. Derek became a Teach Plus Rhode Island fellow where he worked alongside education policy makers in order to bring more teacher voice to city and state decisions. He also did work to develop student centered learning approaches through the Keys for Learning Initiative for Providence Public Schools. Derek is in his fourth year of teaching mathematics and is now currently working at Somersworth High School.

Mark MacLean, Superintendent of Schools ~ SAU 46
Randy Wormald, Assistant Superintendent of Schools ~ SAU 46

W1-01 Tech DIY - Using Google Forms & Add-ons to Create Efficiencies & Save $

Discover how the SAU #46 office is creatively leveraging Google Forms to create efficient and effective online job applications, paperless non-cumulative requests, and seamless digital timecards. These processes can be personalized and most importantly, they save time and money! Mark MacLean and Randy Wormald give attendees a look behind the digital curtain and into their admittedly warped minds. Scary and daunting as this may seem, with some creativity and perseverance, these "Tech DIYs" can add some additional control and personalization to typically cumbersome processes.

Mark MacLean

With nearly three decades of experience in public education, Mark has been a classroom teacher, a department chair, a building-level administrator, an assistant superintendent, and a superintendent. In every role, technology and innovation have been integral. As a classroom teacher, Mark was recognized as New Hampshire's Technology Using Educator of the Year in 2003. As a former computer graphics and programming instructor, he is comfortable in both creative and analytical environments. Always seeking applicable technological innovations and efficiencies, Mark embraces change and is confident in leading others through the process. Mark is a doctoral candidate at Plymouth State University, serves on the New Hampshire School Administrators Association (NHSAA) Executive Board, and is one of two New Hampshire representatives on the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) Governing Board.

Randy Wormald

Randy’s educational career spans 30+ years here and abroad as a math teacher, computer teacher, technology integrator, department head, and assistant superintendent. He strives to embrace innovative practices regardless of his educational role. He is committed to inspiring and engaging students and faculty through relationship building and the use of current and emerging technologies. Randy is a former New Hampshire Teacher of the Year and Disney Outstanding High School Teacher of the Year. He was featured in the book One-On-One With America's Most Inspiring Teachers: Conversations on the Art of Teaching by Mike Roberts.   

Jacqueline Neath-Foster, Library Media Specialist, SAU 29

Th2-07 Surviving Shifts in the COVID-19 Environment

Re-discover technology that they can use to encourage and enable students and staff to use the library during remote learning.  The session also includes a discussion of resources and ideas that the school librarian can use to sensitize the school community to social injustices.

Jacqueline Neath-Foster

Jacqueline Neath-Foster holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Literature, Master of Library Studies, Master of Education, and the New Hampshire Library Media Certification. She started her career in Education as a high school English teacher in Kingston Jamaica. Next, she worked as a special librarian, while completing her Masters in Library Studies. Afterward, her career led her to work as an academic librarian in three different countries -- Jamaica, Trinidad, and the United States. During this period, she fulfilled the roles as Director of Library Services and as Technical Services Librarian. Her last position as an academic librarian was at Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama where she had the privilege of working with African American students. She is now the Library Media Specialist at the Keene High School, where she is also the Advisor for the Teen Advisory Group (the library-related club) and the Minority Empowerment Club. She enjoys working with Teens and Young Adults and looks forward to continuing and reinforcing a culture of literacy at her current institution.