Suggested Topics

Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

  • Remote Learning
  • 21st Century Skills/Deeper Learning
  • Personalized Learning and Instructional Strategies
  • Students Empowered as Creators
  • Collaborative, Relevant, and Applied Learning
  • Leveraging Technology, Digital Resources, and Tools
  • Assessment—Analytics Inform Instruction

Personalized Professional Learning

  • Shared Ownership and Responsibility for Professional Growth
  • Caring and Trusting Relationships with Students
  • 21st Century Skill Set
  • Diverse Opportunities for Professional Learning Through Technology
  • Broad-Based, Participative Evaluation
  • Professional Learning Opportunities for Educators from Peers, Coaches, and Library Media Staff

Collaborative Leadership

  • A Shared, Forward-Thinking Vision for Digital Learning
  • A Culture of Collaboration, Innovation, Capacity Building, and Empowerment
  • High Expectations for Evidence- Based Transformations to Digital Learning
  • Transformative, Coherent Thinking, Planning, Policies, and Implementation

Community Partnerships

  • Local Community Engagement and Outreach
  • Global and Cultural Awareness
  • Digital Learning Environments as Connectors to Local/Global Communities and Partnerships
  • Parental Communication and Engagement
  • District Brand

Budget & Resources

  • Strategic Investments in Digital Resources
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings
  • Alignment to District and School Plans
  • Consistent Funding Streams
  • Learning Return on Investment

Technology & Robust Infrastructure

  • Adequacy of Devices; Quality and Availability
  • Robust Network Infrastructure
  • Adequate and Responsive Support
  • Formal Cycle for Review and Replacement
  • Equitable Access to Tools and Digital Content

Use of Space & Time

  • Flexible Learning; Anytime, Anywhere
  • New Pedagogy, Schedules, and Learning Environment for Personalized Learning
  • Competency-Based Learning
  • Strategies for Providing Extended Time for Projects and Collaboration
  • Learning Spaces Supporting Collaboration

Data & Privacy

  • Data and Data Systems
  • Data Policies, Procedures, and Practices
  • Data-Informed Decision Making
  • Data Literate Education Professionals
  • Advocacy for Student Privacy

The goal is to feature choices each day that address these critically important topics, highlight examples of successful strategies, and share practical ideas.