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T2-07W4-04 ~ Unique Tools to Support Unique Paths to Learning
Introducing Smarty Ants, Achieve3000 Literacy, and Actively Learn! In this session, we will explore interactive digital resources for Literacy, Social Studies and Science from McGraw Hill's new digital suite of resources designed to help you guide your students on their personalized learning journey, all while making it easy for teachers to differentiate and accelerate.
Actively Learn - implement your scope and sequence.
Achieve3000 Overview
AchieveLiteracy_4Page-Brochure.pdf (3.9 MB)
Achieve3000 Overview
ActivelyLearn-4pageBrochure.pdf (10 MB)
Actively Learn Overview
SmartyAnts-4pageBrochure.pdf (7.3 MB)
Smarty Ants Overview