Session Number BDTu1-HL

2022 Session
Innovating the Science of Spelling
Kathleen Mccaffery, Teacher, SAU16, and Ralph Krausse, Beyond Just ABC
Level: Advanced
Grades: K-5, PHD students

The session will begin with a brief overview of the current problems and trends in the United States spelling instruction. This will lead to rich discussion of evidence-based instruction, recent empirical studies, and neuroscience research to highlight effective and equitable spelling practices in k-6 classrooms. The main focus is on how to use teacher-driven technology to sufficiently increase teacher instructional confidence and lead to reinstating effective and equitable spelling instruction for students. The technology will allow for individual differentiation and principal foundations of Daffern & Fleet (2020) Triple Word Form Theory, a non-linear spelling theory, where students can coordinate phonological, orthographic, and morphological skills in spelling acquisition. The hope is to innovate and excite the use of effective spelling practices for teachers and students.