Session Number BDTu3-HL

2022 Session
CANCELED ~ Break the Barriers: Accessibility Tools in Classroom
Nicole Cassamassino, Digital Learning Specialist, Bedford School District
Level: Beginner
Grades: All

Every learner has the right to access content, no matter their struggles. We are very aware of students impacted by identified disabilities, but a student's learning and participation can also be impacted due to outside influences, the inability to regulate their emotions or the inability access appropriate self-management skills. Google provides us with easy ways to make our classrooms more inclusive for every student. In this session participants will explore the plethora of accessibility options built into a Chromebook. You'll return to your classroom eager to share these tools with students! Participants will need to bring a Chromebook with them to this session in order to participate. For the best experience Chromebooks should be updated to the newest operating system.