Session Number BDWe2-HL

2022 Session
What's Your Journey? Teaching with a Personalized Learning Lens
Lauren Wesnak, Education/Personalized Learning Coach, Ellis School

Level: Beginner
Grades: K-5, 6-8

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Join Lauren, Abby Dobson and Jen Scott to explore and practice how to build a lesson/unit of study through the lens of personalized learning. The end goal ~ walk away with an understanding that personalized learning is just that: personal - for the teacher AND the student. Participate in activities that the presenters have found to be successful, such as, goal setting, reflection, community building, and teaching/learning with a strengths forward approach. The presenters share their own journeys in teaching with personalized learning by sharing their own definitions of what personalized learning is and isn't and addressing things like strategies, tools, successes and failures, and future hopes for their work. As a way to build the bridge from storytelling to action, participants will then write their own definitions of personalized learning by participating in a visualization and reflective writing session to answer the question: "What does personalized learning look like, sound like, feel like in my classroom?" Then the presenters split the members into 3 groups, based on grade level, to workshop the lessons or units of study that the participants bring with them. Through a series of think tanks, peer pair shares, and possible feedback protocols, participants have the time to create and practice. Wrap up our time together with a whole group share, circle back to our goals, and reflect and celebrate our time together. This BYOD workshop is limited to 20 participants.