Session Number T4-02

2021 Session
Augmented Reality: The Latest, the Greatest, & Replicable Success Stories
Maureen Yoder, Professor, Lesley University
Level: All levels
Grades: All

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This will be a fast-paced, light-hearted session with practical suggestions. After an overview of augmented reality innovations, it will highlight some enthralling resources that you can master in minutes. Learn about powerful tools, and see innovative apps promoting classroom engagement. See demonstrations of apps for creating 3D models for engineering classes, creativity tools such as "Just a Line", "Mondly", and other language learning tools, Google's "Lens", and updates to award winning apps that recently have been improved. Hear about promising apps for designing your own augmented reality creations, and how they can be used thoughtfully in classrooms. Hear about technologies and innovative ideas that do not yet exist at the time of this proposal. You will see evidence of teacher tested classroom uses and research-based documentation of learning outcomes. The term "Electronic Constructivism" was coined by this presenter who will link these technologies to what it is all about: Good Teaching. The goal is for you to leave the session enlightened, inspired, and ready to use AR in your classroom. It will end with some high tech door prizes for both online and in person participants. No experience necessary - just your curiosity, enthusiasm about teaching, and a sense of humor.