Session Number W1-07

2022 Session
Supporting Learning Continuity with Nearpod
Erika Tepler, Nearpod, Inc.

Level: Beginner
Grades: All

Solution Partner Session
We know many schools and districts are facing similar challenges with teacher shortages across the country. Join us for this interactive session as we explore strategies for supporting learning continuity when resources are limited. You'll learn easy ways to address emergency, short term, and long term teacher shortage scenarios. I. Welcome and begin open dialogue around scenarios where teachers or admins have faced a classroom without a teacher or a substitute. (Collaborate board to foster a group discussion and share experiences). II. Explore Emergency Scenarios a. Common Challenges(unexpected illness, extra long meetings, etc) b. Common Solutions (teacher rotation, admin support, paraprofessionals, volunteers) i. Share core subject lesson guides and resources ii. Featured lessons folders iii. Lessons optimized for student-paced, asynchronous learning (Sharing over 200 standards aligned lessons (free). iv. Explore time to review resources, add to library, bookmark links, download documents III. Explore Short/Long Term Scenarios a. Common Challenges (extended absence, lack of qualified applicants, too many students in one room creating a new class) b. Common Solutions (long term subs, paraprofessional support) i. Sub Plans ii. Review and Revise Curriculum Maps iii. Utilize school and district library IV. Review and Reflection a. Putting it all together -consider the scenarios you face, determine support plan, begin to build or gather those necessary resources. b. Reflection