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Tuesday ~ Matt Miller

Educator, Blogger, Presenter, & Author

KT Matt Miller headshot cropped

Matt Miller is an educator, blogger and presenter from West Central Indiana. He has infused technology and innovative teaching methods in his classes for more than 10 years. He is the author of the five books, including Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom. He writes at the Ditch That Textbook blog about using technology and creative ideas in teaching. He is a Google Certified Innovator (Austin ’14), a PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator, a Bammy! Awards nominee, and winner of the WTHI-TV Golden Apple Award.

After trying to do the traditional “teach by the textbook” for a few years, he launched into a textbook-less path where learning activities were often custom-produced for his students as well as infused with technology. He likes the results a lot, and his students do, too.

Matt has presented to thousands of teachers at hundreds of workshops on a number of topics related to educational technology, student engagement, and more. He combines a conversational, engaging speaking style with loads of resources, leaving teachers equipped and inspired to move forward.

Check out Matt’s website at:

Tuesday Keynote: 12:00-1:00pm ~ 4 Rivers Ballroom

The Art & Science of Memorable Teaching

The world is changing quickly. How can we prepare students for it? And can we do it in a way that honors our unique, true selves as teachers? Using classroom stories, vision and surprises at every turn, Matt Miller shows how teaching is a craft -- part art and part science. With a little perspective and confidence, we can take great strides toward the classroom of our dreams. You will leave this presentation entertained, equipped, and inspired to create memorable learning that changes students’ lives. Your beliefs about education shape your classroom. They affect your lessons and impact student motivation. A disastrous lesson changed Matt Miller's beliefs about his role in education, and it is likely to change yours, too. This keynote is full of stories to reach your heart and surprise twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. In the end, it will make you think about your purpose as a teacher and inspire you!

Concurrent sessions offered by our Tuesday keynote speaker in the 4 Rivers Ballroom:

Digital Instruction: To Infinity & Beyond~ 8:30-9:20am

Tired of the glazed over eyes? The slumped posture? Gather ideas to students actively engaged with new content. Create self-paced lessons where students are their own guides in learning. These steps will move your class from teacher-centered toward student-centered learning right away!

Gameshow Classroom Ideas~ 1:15-2:05pm

You may be familiar with Kahoot!, Quizizz and Quizlet Live. They are GREAT formative assessment tools. How can you take them to the next level? And how can you level up your class by gamifying it, incorporating game elements in it? There's great motivation in that for some students. You will leave with concrete ideas and tips to get started!

Wednesday ~ Ken Shelton

Consultant, Photographer, Instructional Designer, Trainer, & Educator

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Ken (He/Him/His) currently holds an M.A. in Education with a specialization in Educational Technology as well as New Media Design and Production. He has worked as an Educator for over 20 years and spent most of his classroom experience teaching technology at the Middle School level. As a part of his active involvement within the Educational Technology community, Ken is an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and a Google Certified Innovator. Ken has worked extensively at the policy level with a number of State Departments of Education, Ministries of Education, non-Profits, and was appointed to the Education Technology Task Force formed by a previous California State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Ken regularly gives keynotes, presentations, consults, and leads workshops, covering a wide variety of Educational Technology, Equity and Inclusion, Anti-Bias/Anti-Racist, Multimedia Literacy, Cultural Intelligences, Visual Storytelling, and Instructional Design topics. Ken is the ISTE Digital Equity PLN 2018 Excellence Award winner. Due to his extensive and broad impact, Ken has also been named by EdTech Magazine as an influencer to follow.

Follow Ken on Twitter @k_shelton #techquity

Wednesday Keynote: 12:00-1:00pm ~ 4 Rivers Ballroom

Techquity™: Creating Learning Environments For Sustainability, Equity, & Access

This interactive keynote will address how to navigate one of the biggest challenges educators face today — providing students with equitable and culturally inclusive learning opportunities. This talk will include a detailed analysis on the varying levels of culture, addressing our social-emotional needs, and why we must ensure our students are provided a diverse and equitable educational experience. Further expanding on the primary purpose will be a look at how technology serves as both a needed and critical component to that end. Embedded within the keynote are personal narratives aligned with the central theme of incorporating both a culturally relevant and culturally responsive pedagogy to any content area.

 Concurrent sessions offered by our Wednesday keynote speaker in the 4 Rivers Ballroom:

Media Literacy: Deeper Understanding on the Impact of Media & Technology ~ 10:00-10:50am

Develop a deeper understanding of the impact media and technology have on how we think and what we do. This highly interactive session introduces participants to the concepts, ideas, strategies, and analytical thinking processes necessary for developing literacy of our media. Work through the core terminology and apply definitions in both context and relevance. We also discuss the importance of developing media literate ways of consuming, creating, evaluating, and sharing information.

Problem-Based Learning & Design Thinking: A Computational Thinking Approach ~ 2:40-3:30pm

Utilizing the problem-based learning activity called Solve In Time! participants will utilize the design-thinking process within a definable thematic area to design a real tangible solution. The key elements for this session are the emphasis on true civic engagement, cultural and community context, and learner empowerment. This highly interactive session is focused on learning through the process rather than focusing solely on the outcome. The protocols are also adaptable to any curricular area, content to be covered, and expand to additional focal areas such as Equity, Social-Emotional Learning, and many others.

Thursday ~ Kasey Bell

Coach, Speaker, Author, Blogger, & Podcaster

KW Kasey Bell headshot cropped

Kasey Bell is a former middle school teacher turned award-winning digital learning coach, international speaker, author, blogger, and podcaster with a Texas-sized passion for technology and learning. Whether it is learning from home through online courses, professional development, conference workshops, or as a keynote speaker Kasey is a relentless innovator of ideas and a devoted transformer of classrooms and teaching. She inspires educators while transforming their teaching with original, timely, and use-tomorrow ideas for student choice, differentiation, and technology integration. The award-winning Shake Up Learning website provides teachers with practical resources for using technology in the K12 classroom, including using Google Classroom, Google for Education, and other Google tools and many additional blended learning resources.

Kasey is the author of the Shake Up Learning blog, multiple books, and host of The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast. As a skillful facilitator, Google Certified Innovator, and Google Certified Trainer, Kasey has led a variety of digital learning workshops across the globe and helped thousands of educators to transform their classrooms!


Thursday Keynote: 4:00-5:00pm ~ 4 Rivers Ballroom

Be Dynamic and Shake Up Learning!

Who’s ready to shake up learning, move BEYOND the traditional classroom, and prepare for the new normal? Let’s explore a framework for being disruptive, doing things differently, and empowering students for the future. It’s not all about technology, it’s about the LEARNING. This keynote will include powerful strategies and practical ideas to help educators Shake Up Learning!

Keynote Speakers 2020

Raymond J. McNulty
Education in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, & Ambiguous World

Ray McNulty cropped play button

Karin Hess, Rose Colby, and Daniel Joseph
Shifts Happen: New CBE Opportunities with Remote Learning

Opening Keynote Panel Speakers play button

Keynote Speakers 2019

Olivia Van Ledtje
What Matters? The Future, It’s Me!

liv large archive

Pernille Ripp
Passionate Learners – How to Engage and Empower Your Students

Pernille Ripp headshot archive

Keynote Speakers 2018

Ginger Lewman
Today’s Modern Learning Environment: More than a New Coat of Paint

ginger lewman archive

Thomas C. Murray
Creating Future Ready Schools & Classrooms

thomas murray archive

Jennie Magiera
Our Untold Stories

jennie magiera archive

Keynote Speakers 2017

Steve Dembo

speaker 01 transparent with play button

Adam Bellow

speaker 02 with play button

Steve Dembo & Adam Bellow

both presenters with play button

Keynote Speakers 2016

George Couros
The Innovator’s Mindset

George Couros headshot archive

Jenifer Fox
Why K-12 Education Must Change

Jenifer Fox headshot archived

Paul Reynolds
Library 2.0: How Do We Craft & Share the Story of the Modern Library’s Critical Role in the 21st Century?

Paul Reynolds headshot archived

Keynote Speakers 2015

Sameer Hinduja
Words Wound: Delete Cyberbullying & Make Kindness Go Viral

Hinduja Sameer transparent resized

Sara DeWitt
The Changing Landscape of Digital Learning

DeWitt keynote video

Travis Allen
Becoming a Lifelong Learner

Travis Allen keynote video

Keynote Speakers 2014

Sylvia Libow Martinez
A Global Revolution Goes to School: The Maker Movement


Ken Shelton
The Art of Iteration: Embracing Failure for Learning


Rushton Hurley
Creativity, Inspiration, and Excellence


Keynote Speakers 2013

Kevin Honeycutt
Trends, Tools, and Tactics for 21st Century Learning

kevin honeycutt-video

Jaime Casap
Unleashing the Power of Technology in Education

jaime casap-video

Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Leading the New Literacies: Digital, Media, & Global Project Based Learning


Keynote Speakers 2012

Angela Maiers
Habitudes of a 21st Century Learner

angela maiers

Richard Byrne
Everything Is Free, Now What?

richard byrne

Scott Kinney
Moving Learning...Beyond the Information Age

scott kinney