Session Types

Monday PreConference Workshops - Onsite ONLY

Intensive hands-on sessions comprise the PreConference Workshops offered on Monday during both the day and evening. Workshops offered during the day generally provide 3 or 6 hours of learning and evening workshops generally provide 3 hours of learning. All of these workshops are offered as in the “Master It & Take It” (MITI) and/ or BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) format, meaning participants will receive a device included in the workshop registration fee (MITI) or bring their own device (BYOD). Workshop topics are generally platform neutral, web- based, and/or device specific. Necessary software must be available via the web or provided as part of the workshop registration fee. Monday PreConference workshops will be offered ONSITE only.

BYOD Hands-on Workshops - Onsite AND Virtual Options

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Hands-on Workshops range from 60 to 120 minutes. These onsite or virtual workshops are intended to be a hands-on, interactive experience. With the concurrent sessions now 50 minutes long, this is the format for engaging your participants in discussion, experimentation, and in-depth discovery. Onsite BYOD workshops are generally scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday during the day as well as Tuesday evening. Capacity limits to be determined in the fall ~ all onsite sessions are first-come, first-served. Virtual BYOD workshops conducted via Zoom may be scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday ~ specific times to be determined. Any software necessary for participating in BYOD workshops (onsite or virtual) will need to be available via the web.

50-Minute Concurrent Sessions - Onsite AND Virtual Options

Both virtual and onsite concurrent sessions are 50 minutes long. Onsite concurrent sessions will be scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday during four time blocks, generally two before and two following the the keynote luncheon. These sessions are scheduled in rooms with seating capacity ranging from 20 to 50 attendees and are assigned based upon the topic and target audience. Virtual concurrent sessions conducted via Zoom will be scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You are invited to submit an onsite or virtual proposal for an interactive demonstration or panel discussion session that promotes the conference themes.

Collaboratory MakerSpace - Onsite ONLY

Onsite both Tuesday and Wednesday, CMTC21 once again offers the Collaboratory MakerSpace located in the Partner Pavilion. Facilitated by our conference partner the NH School Library Media Association (NHSLMA), the Collaboratory MakerSpace is dedicated to highlighting “making” as learning. “Making” is an engaging and practical hands-on approach to learning and discovery. Both morning and afternoon Collaboratory MakerSpace demonstration times will be available, share your strategies highlighting the potential of “making learning” in learning environments.

Student STEAM Playground (PM) - Virtual ONLY

On Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, CMTC21 will offer 60-minute VIRTUAL Student STEAM Playgrounds using our virtual platform. Student groups will be assigned a table where groups of up to 8 can join for conversations and questions. Each table includes a virtual white board. We seek to highlight programs across the state engaging students in a variety of STEAM activities in grades K-12.

Teacher Showcase (AM) - Virtual ONLY

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, CMTC21 will offer VIRTUAL Teacher Showcases for 60-minutes in using our virtual platform. Teachers will be assigned a table where groups of up to 8 can join for conversations and questions. Each table includes a virtual white board. You are encouraged to highlight the use of instructional technology tools and resources that engage and empower students to enhance learning. Examples include: demonstrating technology-enhanced projects that use online interactive tools, social networking, video libraries, Google tools, or other digital resources to get students excited about and involved in their learning. For 90 minutes, conference attendees explore and interact virtually with Teacher Showcase presenters. The process is informal, relaxed, and engaging.

Conference Themes

Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
Personalized Professional Learning
Collaborative Leadership
Community Partnerships
Budget & Resources
Robust Infrastructure
Use of Space & Time
Data & Privacy

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