Suggested Topics

Innovative Learning

  • Exploring effective “how to” classroom strategies
  • Investigating emerging digital learning resources
  • Sharing your experiences and expertise

Pioneering Learning Environments

  • Designing and supporting technology ecosystems in schools and classrooms
  • Addressing physical and digital security and privacy issues
  • Developing processes, procedures, and guidelines

Visionary Leadership

  • Researching and addressing current challenges and opportunities
  • Creating the right team for impacting positive change
  • Advocating for learner centered innovation and personalization

Digital Dexterity

  • Empowering responsible and ethical technology use
  • Facilitating a culture of understanding,collaboration, and responsibility
  • Building a community of fairness, equity, and inclusion

The goal is to feature choices each day that address these critically important topics, highlight examples of successful strategies, and share practical ideas.